Unique Islamic Names for Boys with their Meanings-(c)

Islamic Names

Islamic Names:

Saad: Happiness, good fortune

Saleem: Righteous, true, perfect

Salman: A safe person, companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Sameer: Pleasant companion, good friend

Sufyan: Pure, Companion of the Prophet (PBUH)

Shakib: Handsome, patient

Sohail: A star, gentle

Sadiq: The truthful, honest

Sheraz: The caring one, noble

Shahid: Witness, martyr

Saifullah: Sword of Allah (SWT)

Siddiq: Friend of the faithful (referring to Abu Bakr)

Sufian: Traveler, explorer

Shayan: The deserving one, praiseworthy

Sarim: Courageous, determined

Shaoib: Guider, leader

Shahzaib: Crown of the king, like a king

Shahir: Wakeful, aware

Sajjad: Prostrating, devout

Suhaib: A morning star, companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Suhaib: Star, bright

Saif: Sword, strong

Sulayman: Peaceful, prosperous

Salim: Safe, sound

Sami: Listener, understanding

Shayan: Worthy, admirable

Siraj: Lamp, light

Sahan: Generous, kind

Sakif: Roof, protector

Tahir: Pure, clean, chaste, modest.

Talib: Seeker (of truth), student.

Tawfiq: Divine help or guidance, enabling, inner motivation.

Tayyab: Clean, good, delicate.

Tayyib: Good, pure, blessed.

Thabit: Firm, stable, steadfast.

Tufayl: Intercession, mediation.

Turaab: Pure, clean, earth.

Taqiyyuddin: Pious and God-fearing.

Taariq: Morning star, bright, successful.

Taha: Purity, cleanliness.

Taajuddin: Crown of religion, pious.

Tadbir: Planning, foresight, wisdom.

Taanish: Good, beautiful.

Tabarak: The blessed one, auspicious.

Taahir: Modest, pure.

Tahajuddin: Reviver of the night prayer.

Tamimuddin: Defender of the faith.

Turmuddin: Shield of religion.

Taqwaullah: Fear of God, piety.

Umar : Life, long-lived. Name of the second Caliph.

Usman : Name of the third Caliph.

Umair : Intelligent, long-lived.

Ubaid : Faithful, servant.

Usama : Lion, description of a lion.

Vafi: This name, though more commonly found in other languages, has Arabic roots and means “complete” or “just.”

Udayl : Old Arabic name.

Uhban : Name of Prophet (SAW)’s companion.

Ukashah : Web, cobweb.

Unais : Love, affection.

Uzair : Name of a Prophet, precious.

Uthman : Name of the third Caliph.

Ubay : Old Arabic name.

Udoola : Justified.

Uzaimah : Determination, resolve.

Ubaydullah : Servant of Allah.

Uraifan : Kind, compassionate.

Uwaiz : Kind, generous.

Viqaas: This name has Arabic and Urdu origins and means “fighter” or “champion.”

Waheed: Unique, one and only

Wali: Friend, protector of God

Wasif: Describing, praising

Waseem: Handsome, graceful

Waseef: Guardian, trustee

Wajid: Worthy, commendable

Waliullah: Friend of Allah

Wahhab: Giver, generous

Waseeq: Trustworthy, reliable

Wafiq: Friend, companion

Waadi: Valley, peaceful place

Wafid: Sky, visitor

Wazeeh: Clear, evident

Waqi: Aware, informed

Wajih: Respected, esteemed

Wahiduddin: Unique religion of Allah

Wazeer: Minister, advisor

Wajihuddin: Respected religion of Allah

Wahb: Gift, donation

Wahdan: Unique, one

Yusuf: Arabic name meaning “handsome,” “beautiful,” or “ever-increasing.” This is the name of a prophet in Islam, known for his wisdom and resilience.

Yasir: Arabic name meaning “easy,” “comfortable,” or “prosperous.” This name highlights the desire for a smooth and blessed life.

Yahya: Arabic name meaning “John the Baptist” or “God is gracious.” This name carries significance for both Muslims and Christians.

Yunis: Arabic name meaning “Jonah.” This name reminds us of the prophet’s story of faith and survival.

Zayan: Arabic name meaning “beautifier,” “one who makes things beautiful.” This name emphasizes the potential for good in the child.

Yaqeen: Arabic name meaning “certainty,” “conviction,” or “faith.” This name highlights the importance of strong belief.

Zaid: Necessary, indispensable

Zain: Graceful, beautiful

Zayn: Ornament, decoration

Zayan: One who beautifies

Zohaib: Leader, king, ruler

Zakariya: Remembered by God, God has remembered

Zaahid: Ascetic, pious, one who practices self-denial

Zahir: Bright, shining, manifest

Zafir: Victorious, triumphant

Zaki: Pure, clean, virtuous

Zaygham: King of the jungle, lion

Ziyad: Abundant, excess, increase

Zaakir: One who remembers God frequently

Zaifullah: Protected by God

Zaheeruddin: Helper of the religion (Islam)

Zakariyya: Prophet of God

Zubair: Companion of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Zaarib: Brave, courageous

Zahir: Manifest, apparent

Zaim: Chief, leader

Zohr: Midday, noon prayer

Zulham: Handsome, good-looking

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