Unique Islamic Names for Boys with their Meanings-(a)

Islamic Names

Islamic Names

Abd ar-Rahman: Servant of the Most Merciful (Allah)

Ahmad: Most Praiseworthy, More Commendable

Amir: Prince, Commander, Leader

Anas: Friend, Companion

Asim: Protector, Guardian

Aayan: Gift of God

Adeel: Righteous, Just

Afzal: More Excellent, More Superior

Akbar: Greatest, Grandest

Arslan: Lion, Brave

Ashraf: Honorable, Noble

Aariz: Intelligent, Wise

Abbad: Devout Worshipper

Abd al-Rahim: Servant of the Most Merciful

Afif: Chaste, Modest

Ahsan: Most Beautiful, Best

Azeem: Mighty, Great

Ali: Exalted, High, Sublime

Azhar: Brightest, Most Flourishing

Abdul-Hannan: Servant of the Compassionate

Muhammad Ahsan: Prophet Muhammad, Most Beautiful

Omar Ali: Long-Living High One

Bilal: Joyful, Moist (named after the first muezzin of Prophet Muhammad)

Barak: Blessed, Prosperous

Burhan: Proof, Evidence

Badr: Full Moon

Baraa: Pious, Innocent

Baqir: Learned, Scholar

Bashir: Bringer of Good News, Cheerful

Basit: Expander, Expounding

Badran: Most Beautiful

Bahij: Cheerful, Happy

Abdul-Bari: Servant of the Creator

Abdul-Basit: Servant of the Expander

Abdul-Burhan: Servant of the Proof

Abdul-Bashir: Servant of the Bringer of Good News

Daniyal: Prophet Daniel (peace be upon him)

Dawood: Beloved, friend (Prophet David)

Daoud: Another variation of Dawood

Dhiaa ud-Din: Light of the religion

Dhia: Light, radiance

Dima: Enduring, long-lasting

Dhuha: Morning time

Daman: One who subdues, protector

Darwish: A holy man, ascetic

Darram: Sparkling, luminous

Dayim: Everlasting, eternal

Duraid: Seeker of knowledge, intelligent

Durar: Pearls, valuable

Duja: Prayer, invocation

Dabeer: Wise, intelligent

Daifullah: Guest of Allah

Darwish: Devout, pious

Dawud: Praiseworthy

Dhikrullah: Remembrance of Allah

Dihya: Shining, brilliant

Dukhni: Smoke, darkness (can also symbolize inner strength)

Eesa: Prophet Isa(A.S)

Elias: Prophet Elias(A.S)

Emad : This name means “pillar” or “support” and signifies strength and reliability.

Faaris: Knight, Horseman

Faheem: Understanding, Wise

Faisal: Decisive, Judge

Farhan: Joyful, Happy

Fayiz: Victorious, Successful

Fida: Sacrifice, Devotion

Fuad: Heart, Understanding

Furqan: Distinction, Criterion

Faadil: Excellent, Superior

Faakhir: Proud, Excellent

Faaiz: Victorious, Successful

Farid: Unique, One-of-a-kind

Fauz: Victory, Success

Fawaz: Conqueror, Victorious

Firdaus: Paradise, Garden of Eden

Furkan: Differentiation, Judgement


Fahmi: Intelligent, Understanding

Faysal: Decisive, Ruler

Firaas: Horseman, Strong

Fayyaz: Abundant, Generous

Fudayl: Virtue, Merit

Firaas: Sharp, Alert

Falak: Firmament, Heavens

Farqad: Two bright stars

Gibran: Friend, companion.

Ghairullah: Friend of Allah.

Ghais: Help, support, protector.

Ghibaad: Lion cub, young and courageous.

Ghufran: Forgiveness, pardon.

Ghaffar: Forgiving, one of Allah’s names.

Ghazi: Conqueror, warrior.

Ghani: Rich, affluent.

Ghulam: Servant, devoted one.

Gulbadan: Rose body, beautiful and delicate.

Galib: Victorious, overcoming.

Garis: Young warrior, brave.

Ghazanfar: Victorious lion, strong and powerful.

Giyasuddin: Help of the faith, defender of religion.

Gulzar: Garden of roses, beautiful and flourishing.

Gulrez: Beloved flower, cherished blossom.

Haarith : Cultivator, farmer, lion who digs into the earth.

Hadi : Guide, leader.

Hafiz: Guardian, protector, preserver, one who has memorized the entire Quran.
Hamza : Strong, robust, lion.
Harun : Prophet Aaron, brother of Prophet Moses.

Ibraheem: Friend of Allah (Prophet Abraham)

Idris: Studious, Knowledgeable

Ilyas: Prophet Elijah

Ilyas: Prophet Elijah (repeat – different origin)

Ishaq: Prophet Isaac

Izzat: Glory, Respect

Irfan: Knowledge, Understanding

Inaam: Gift, Blessing

Ihsaan: Goodness, Excellence

Iskandar: Conqueror, Alexander

Iyad: Return, Recurrence

Isma’il: Heard by Allah (son of Prophet Abraham)

Imad: Pillar, Support

Inayat: Care, Favor

Ibraheem Khalilullah: Friend of Allah (Abraham)

Inshirah: Expansion of the Heart, Enlightenment

Iqbal: Prosperity, Fortune

Ikrimah: Generous, Honorable

Islah: Reformation, Rectification

Ikhlas: Sincerity, Purity

Ijaz – Miracle, Wonder

Imam – Leader, Guide

Imran – Prosperous, Abundant

Inayatullah – Grace of Allah

Irfanuddin – Knowledge of the Religion

Ishaq Khalilullah – Friend of Allah (Isaac)

Ishraf – Elevation, Nobility

Idris Nabi – Prophet Idris

Ilyas Badi – Prophet Elijah (unique)

Israr – Mystery, Secrecy

Izzuddin – Glory of the Religion

Idris Hakim – Wise Idris

Imanullah – Faith of Allah

Inaamul Haq – Gift of Truth

Islahuddin – Reformation of the Religion

Ilyas al-Khadr – Prophet Elijah (another variation)

Izz al-Islam – Glory of Islam

Ihsanul Karim – Goodness of the Generous

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