Unique Islamic Names for Boys with their Meanings-(b)

Islamic Names

Islamic Names

Jaafar: River, Stream

Jabir: Comforter, Repairer

Jalal: Majesty, Glory

Jamal: Beauty, Camel

Junaid: Warrior, Soldier

Jafar: Fair, Honest

Jawwad: Generous, Giver

Junaid: Paradise, Garden

Jahandar: Conqueror of the World

Jahid: Fighter, Warrior

Jalil: Sublime, Glorious

Jad: Effort, Striving

Junaidah: Diminutive of Junaid (Paradise, Garden)

Jahfar: Brave, Lion

Jaden: Gift from God

Jaron: Descending, Coming Down

Jelani: Friend, Companion

Jaylan: Strong, Noble

Junaid: Garden, Paradise

Jamari: Noble, High-Born

Javan: Young, Youthful

Jadyn: Kind, Gracious

Kayden: Loyal companion

Karsen: Defender of men 

Kaamil: Perfect, complete

Kabir: Great, large, magnificent

Karim: Generous, noble

Khalid: Eternal, immortal

Kamran: Prosperous, fortunate

Kadir: Powerful, able

Kamil: Perfect, complete

Kinan: Steadfast, loyal

Kaab: Glory, fame

Kahlil: Friend, intimate

Kaif: Pleasure, high spirits

Kasim: Divider, distributor

Kazim: Restrained, patient

Khayyam: Tent maker, astronomer

Khidr: Guardian, protector

Khusrau: King, monarch

Kibriya: Greatness, majesty

Kyan: King, ruler

Kylan: Small hill, little warrior

Labeeb: Intelligent, Sensible

Laiq: Fit, Deserving 

Laith: Lion

Layan: Soft, Gentle

Lutf: Kindness, Gentleness

Lafi: Worthy, Deserving

Labhan: Truth

Laeeq: Able, Skilled

Lami: Shining, Radiant

Luqman: Prophet Lukman, Wise

Lyzal: God’s Gift

Lajbar: Precious Stone (Pashto name)

Mubashshir: Giver of Good News

Mutakallim: Speaker, Eloquent

Muhajir: Emigrant (referring to the early Muslims who migrated to Medina)

Mujahid: Warrior, Fighter for the Faith

Murad: Desired, Intended

Musaab: Handsome, Elegant (Companion of Prophet Muhammad)

Mustajab: Answered (prayer)

Muhammad: Praiseworthy, the name of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Mustafa: The Chosen One, another name for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Masood: Fortunate, Blessed

Mubarak: Blessed, Auspicious

Munir: Shining, Illuminating

Mahir: Skillful, Expert

Maalik: King, Ruler

Majid: Glorious, Honorable

Mannan: Giver, Provider

Maqsood: Desired, Beloved

Marwan: White Stone, Pure

Muzammil: Enveloped, Wrapped (referring to Prophet Muhammad’s night prayers)

Muzamil: Strong, Determined

Maalik: Master, Possessor

Mutawakkil: Trusting in Allah

Nabeel: Noble, Handsome

Nadeem: Friend, Companion

Nadir: Rare, Precious

Naeem: Happiness, Blessing

Nafees: Pure, Nice

Naqīb: Deputy, Second in Command

Najm: Star, Planet

Naseem: Fresh Air, Cool Breeze

Naseer: Helper, Defender

Nasr: Help, Aid

Nawaf: Leader, Exalted

Nihal: Drinking Camel, Generous

Noor: Light, Illumination

Numan: Blessing, Happiness

Naajy: Safe, Saved

Naasim: Brisk, Energetic

Naasih: Advisor, Counsellor

Nabih: Celebrated, Famous

Nashir: Announcer, Proclaimer

Niaaz: Offering, Gift

Nujaib: Noble, Honest

Nuh: Prophet Noah

Nuzhat: Amusement, Pleasure

Nabeel: Noble, Handsome

Nadir: Rare, Precious

Naeem: Happiness, Blessing

Najm: Star, Planet

Naseem: Fresh Air, Cool Breeze

Naseer: Helper, Defender

Nihal: Drinking Camel, Generous

Noor: Light, Illumination

Numan: Blessing, Happiness

Omar: Long-lived, Thriving

Osman: Young lion, Strong

Omid: Hope, Aspiration

Onays: Friendly, Amicable

Orang: Beauty, Wisdom

Orhan: Wise ruler, Great leader

Omaran: Resembles an era, Everlasting

Oguz: Priceless, Treasured

Onon: Prosperous, Flourishing

Onsi: Remover of fear, Comforter

Ozan: Poet, Lyrical

Omaijid: Noble person

Omair: Brilliant, Shining

Obaid: Worshipper, Servant

Odhran: Dark-haired, Brave

Owais: Loyal, Devout

Omar Faruk: Brave Omar (compound name)

Osama: The adopter, Protector

Parvaiz: Victorious, Successful

Parviz: Triumphant, Fortunate

Pasha: Lord, Master

Pir: Leader, Saint

Pareesan: Beautiful, Angelic

Parinaz: Charming, Fairy-like

Payam: Message, Deliverer

Qaadir: Able, powerful, apt

Qabul: Accepted, granted

Qasim: Distributor, divider

Qayyim: Quran, upright, standing firm

Qudamah: Carrying courage, facing the front

Qutb al-Din: Pole of the Religion

Qusai: Faraway, distant

Rahim: Compassionate, Merciful

Rashid: Rightly Guided, Wise

Rahman:  Most Merciful (one of Allah’s names)

Rami: Archer, Marksman

Ramiz: Symbol, Sign

Raafid: Pioneer, Explorer, Guide

Raamiz: Guardian, Protector

Raatib: Arranger, Organizer

Raazi: Satisfied, Contented

Rabbi: My Lord (referring to Allah)

Rabiah: Greenery, Spring

Rabih: Winner, Gainer

Raif: Kind, Compassionate

Ramadan: Month of fasting in Islam

Raqib: Watchful, Guardian

Rayan: One of the gates of Paradise

Rayyan: Quenching Thirst, Drinking Deeply

Ridwan: Good Pleasure, Acceptance

Riyad: Gardens, Paradises

Rumi: A prominent Islamic scholar and poet

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