Unique Islamic Names for Girls with their Meanings-(b)

Islamic Names:

Islamic Names:

Jada (جادة): Precious stone, gift from God

Jabeen (جبين): Forehead (It metaphorically implies a person with wisdom)

Jahan (جهان): The world, the universe

Jahaanara (جهان ارا): Adorner of the world

Jaheera (ظاهره): Radiant, luminous

Jahida (جهيدة): One who strives in worship

Jalila (جليلة): Exalted, powerful, magnificent

Jamila (جميلة): Beautiful, graceful

Jannat (جنات): Gardens (plural of Jannah, referring to paradise)

Jawhara (جوهرة): Jewel, essence

Kabirah (كبيرة): Great, elder, senior.

Kadijah (خديجة): Premature baby girl; trustworthy (name of the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ).

Kafiyah (كافية): Sufficient, capable.

Kamilia (كاميليا): Perfect, complete.

Kamilah (كاملة): Perfect, flawless.

Karimah (كريمة): Noble, generous, honorable.

Kawthar (كوثر): Abundance, a river in Paradise.

Khadija (خديجة): Premature baby girl; trustworthy (name of the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ).

Khalida (خلدة): Immortal, eternal.

Khalilah (خليلة): Friend, beloved.

Khadima (خادمة): Servant, helper.

Laila (ليلى): Means “night” in Arabic, often symbolizing beauty and mystery.

Lamia (لمياء): Means “radiant” or “one with dark lips” (in a positive connotation).

Lamis (لميس): Means “soft to the touch” or “gentle”.

Lara (لارا): Has debated origins, possibly Latin meaning “protection”, or Persian meaning “water”.

Layan (ليان): Means “softness” or “luxurious life”.

Leena (لينا): Means “tender” or “delicate”, can also refer to a young palm tree.

Lina (لينا): Variant of Leena, with the same meanings.

Lubna (لبنى): Name of a fragrant tree with sweet-smelling flowers, implying loveliness.

Labeeba (لبيبة): Means “intelligent” or “wise”.

Laeeqa (لائقة): Means “worthy”, “suitable”, or “elegant”.

Laetitia (ليتيتيا): Latin origin meaning “joy” or “happiness”. While not traditionally Arabic, it’s accepted by many Muslims.

Latifa (لطيفة): Means “kind”, “gentle”, or “pleasant”.

Liyana (ليانة): Means “softness” or “gentleness”.

Lujain (لجين): Means “silver”.

Maariya (ماریہ): Beloved, beautiful, pure.

Mabrooka (مبروکہ): Blessed.

Madiha (مدیحہ): Praiseworthy.

Mahnoor (ماہ نور): Light of the moon.

Maira / Mayra / Myra (میرہ): Princess, swift and light (also can mean fragrant breeze or provisions).

Maisha (مائشہ): She who lives, life.

Maliha (ملیحہ): Beautiful.

Mariam / Maryam (مریم): Mother of Isa (Jesus), a blessed name known for her piety and righteousness.

Misbah (مصباح): Lamp.

Muskaan (مسکان): Smile.

Naaila: (Achiever, Successful)

Naadira: (Rare, Precious, Unique)

Nadia: (The one who calls, Hope)

Nadine: (Hope)

Naeema: (Delicate, Soft, Comfortable)

Naila: (Successful, Achiever)

Najma: (Star)

Naseema: (Gentle breeze)

Nasreen: (Wild rose)

Nawra: (Illuminating)

Nayyirah: (Radiant, Brilliant)

Nisreen: (Wild rose)

Noor: (Light)

Noura: (Light)

Nura: (Light)

Oaisara: Empress, Wife of Caesar

Ofra: Fawn, young deer

Ojala: Sunshine

Ojla: Rich, opulent

Omaira: Star, reddish, the highest

Omana: Protector, high spirit

Onaiza: Gift, strong and gentle; also a goat with black and white ears

Onsiyah: Calm, cool, peace of heart

Orafa: Forgiving

Oraiba: Intelligent, educated, and intellectual

Pakiza (پاکیزہ): Pure, innocent, virtuous

Parisa (پریسا): Like a fairy

Parveen (پروین): A cluster of stars.

Parwana (پروانه): Butterfly

Qaadah (قدة): Leader, guide, role model

Qadira (قادرة): Able, powerful.

Qahirah (قاهرة): Victorious, conqueror, overwhelming.

Qailah (قايلة): One who speaks, midday napper.

Qamar (قمر):  Moon.

Qamara (قمرة): Moonlight.

Qanit (قانط): Devoted, obedient to God.

Qaribah (قريبة): Close, near.

Qasimah (قسمة): Beautiful, elegant

Rabia (رابعہ): Fourth (often associated with the revered saint Rabia al-Basri).

Rabab (رباب): White cloud.

Raeesa (رئیسہ): Captain, wealthy, leader.

Rafi’a (رفیعہ): Sublime, exalted.

Raheema (رحیمہ): Merciful, compassionate.

Rahma (رحمہ): Mercy.

Ra’ida (رائدہ): Leader, pioneer.

Raihana (ریحانہ): Sweet basil, a fragrant plant.

Raiqa (رائقہ): Clear, pure.

Raiya (رايہ): Flag, banner

Raiyyan (ريان): Satisfied, lush (also metaphorically referring to a gate of Paradise).

Rakeen (رکین): Calm, composed.

Rameen (رمین): Peaceful, obedient.

Ramsha (رمشا): Bouquet of flowers.

Rania (رانیہ): Delighted, captivating.

Raqiya (راقیہ): Ascending, progressing.

Rashida (راشدہ): Rightly guided, sensible.

Rasmia (رسمیہ): Formal, official.

Rasmiya (رسمية): Formal, official.

Rawaa (روعه): Splendor, beauty.

Rawan (روان): Soul, flowing, name of a river in Paradise.

Rawda (روضہ): Garden.

Rawiya (راوية): Narrator (of stories or hadith).

Rayana (ريانہ): Full of water, freshness.

Rayha (ريحہ): Fragrance.

Rayya (ریا): Quenched, watered.

Razan (رزان): Sensible, composed.

Razia (رضیہ): Satisfied, pleased.

Reemaz (ريماز): Bouquet of white roses.

Rida (ردا): Contentment.

Ridah (رضہ): Approval, consent.

Rifa (رفاء): Healing, mending.

Rifat (رفعت): High status, elevation.

Rihab (رہاب): Wide space, vast expanse.

Rihana (ريحانہ): Sweet basil, fragrant plant.

Rimsha (رمشا): A bouquet of flowers.

Rina (رنا ‎): Melodious sound.

Rishwa (رويشوہ): Feather.

Ritaaj (رتاج): Door of the Ka’bah.

Riwa (روہ): Pleasing scent.

Riyam (ريام): A type of gazelle.

Rowayda (رويدہ): Walk gently and slowly.

Roya (رویا): Dream, vision.

Rubab (رباب): A musical instrument.

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